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The Manifest
International Foundation

The Manifest International Foundation was formed in 2016 as a non-profit organisation. A group of people who are passionate about touching lives, impacting communities, and promoting personal development, touching one community at a time.

Vision: Empower and encourage people in discovering and understanding Gods true purposes for their lives.

Mission: Break man made boundaries in the gospel of Christ by building a church without walls for all cultures, nations, genders and races.

Our Programs

Annual program for youth passionate about music. We conduct workshops on song writings, song registrations, recording contracts etc. with the music industry. We also do annual auditions and create a platform for unknown singers to back national and international artists at our annual concert called ‘The manifest Worship Live’. see pics

An interdenominational gathering that promotes effectiveness beyond the church walls. Taken from romans 8:19 that the earth is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. In these gathering we tackle issues on Family, health, Economy/Business etc. We have a panel of expects that we call to tackle these issues. see pics

We are passionate about mental health. Dementia is a condition which affects mostly the elderly but also it affects young generation because of the causes of dementia which include HIV, Alcohol misuse, blood pressure, diabetes and some heart conditions. We believe an educated community that has awareness of what is happening is going to provide healthy living at home. We do seminars, workshops and awareness campaigns lead by dementia specialists, doctors, and carers. see pics

We are also part of other social outreach programs;

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